Monday, September 7, 2015

Restaurant Review - The Belvedere Room at the Padre Hotel

This week we're sharing yet another restaurant review.  This time though, its in regards to an upscale dining establishment located in the historic Padre Hotel in downtown Bakersfield.

The hotel was originally built in 1928 and stood empty for many years.  Within the past few years it has been revitalized and is now a full service hotel with multiple dining places right in the heart of downtown.

So the Hotel's dining places include Brimstone, which is a bar area that is open for brunch and dinner.  The Farmacy - a coffee shop.  Prairie Fire their outdoor dining area on the second floor and the Belvedere Room, a high end steak house.

We recently were able to visit the Belvedere Room and it did not disappoint.  Parts were restored to their 1920s glory with some modern twists on the decor.

Our waitress, Lindsay, was very nice and attentive.  She was able to make a wine recommendation and made sure to check on us regularly.  Our meal took a while to prepare, but we were in no rush.  Both Lindsay and the manager apologized to us for the wait, but like I said it was no issue.

I ordered a steak, so did my husband.  They had several options for rubs and sauces as well as sides.  I chose blue cheese on my steak with a side of mashed potatoes and wild mushrooms.  The mashed potatoes did have the texture of the kind that come in a box but not the flavor of that so that was a-okay.  The steak was PERFECT and the wild mushrooms were both tasty and interesting.  They most certainly were not regular old button mushrooms or portabellow.  They were wild mushrooms of various sizes and they were seasoned and cooked very well.

After our meal our waitress again apologized for the wait and even gave us a free dessert because, despite waiting, we  were really nice about it.  As most of you who have ever worked in food service know - waiting customers become impatient customers and then become rude customers.  We didn't and it earned us a free dessert.

Moral of the story - always be nice to the people handling your food ;-)

The dessert was excellent by the way.  I dont know what it was called but it was a chocolate cake with a banana cream and carmel drizzle. It also had some type of sprout on top which neither added too or took away from the flavor.  And it was served with vanilla ice cream

See how pretty dessert was!

Our dining experience with the Belvedere Room was great and I will definitely be back.  Its nice to find a white tablecloth restaurant that has excellent service. 

By the way, as far as dress code goes - we saw all kinds from business men to teenagers in tank tops - that being said though the business men looked like they belonged there so for the Belvedere Room I would recommend dressing it up a little.  And yes, I was dressed up.

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