Monday, August 31, 2015

Restaurant - The Hidden Cafe

Time for a restaurant review because we all like to eat and we all like good places to eat at.  And this time, its a local place for me!

So Bakersfield, California has a new restaurant - The Hidden Cafe.  No lie on the name, its kind of in an out of the way spot.  I'm thinking its actually busy during the week though since there are nearby businesses like Hall Ambulance and Channel 17 News.  We went and ate there on a Saturday and it was very quiet which made it very pleasant.  I'm not a fan of long waits and my preference is for intimate dining experiences, which is exactly what I got.

I'll get the picture of the phone booth in a moment.

So when you walk in you see some very secluded booth seating, which is a little ironic since they are right by the door.  As you make your way into the restaurant there's counter seating like an old fashioned diner would have.  You get to pick your spot too, no one seats you.  The further into the restaurant you get you see more booths and also tables, its a small diner.

Its decorated with some very retro items, like that phone booth - which by the way does not work, however, they do keep current phone books in it - and old movie posters but its not overdone.  In fact, I think they could have gotten away with adding more items but it was fine how it was.

The food was great.  We were there for breakfast but they are open through dinner, have a bar, and traditional restaurant gimmicks like Happy Hour and Taco Tuesday.

Online reviews for it are very good and well deserved.  The service was excellent, staff was attentive, and the food was really good.  I had the french toast and my husband had the pork chop and eggs.  They offered selections for sides too so you weren't stuck with just regular hash browns or a side of bacon if you didn't want those.

Definitely worth a try if you're in the area.  I'll be stopping by again, but for lunch or dinner, the best way to rate a diner is actually by the quality of their burgers and for those of you who know me well, you know that I view a burger as the perfect meal.

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