Monday, June 15, 2015

Central Park

Got another travel related post this week.

Thîs one is all about Central Park. In my little corner of the world we don't have anything like it so I quite literally was taken by Central Park. 

I can't really say what I like best either there was so much to see. Of the four days I spent in New York, and yes it's been a while since I've been there, Central Park was one of the best parts of the whole experience. 

Before I went to New York an acquaintance had told me not to bother with Central Park and then proceeded to tell me that if I went to New York I would get mugged because everyone gets mugged in New York City. I'm glad I didn't listen. Crime rates are high everywhere. I could get mugged at the Stabucks down the street too but that doesn't stop me from getting coffee. There's also a lot of negativity in general surrounding Central Park but I personally found it quite charming. 

Anyway, the afternoon my husband and I spent in Central Park was wonderful. We had been traveling with another couple and their little boy and we had left them fully enjoying themselves at the Museum of Natural History while we spent some alone time strolling through Central Park. 

Before going forward I'd like to say that the map app on the iPhone can successfully navigate Central Park, however, it will not get you to the Met. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Back to Central Park. It was a rainy day and for anyone who knows me I'm a sucker for a rainy day. I'm also a sucker for nostalgia so I was more than thrilled to be able to buy a hotdog from a street vendor and sit in Central Park eating it. 

The park wasn't overly crowded. There was a baseball game going on, joggers, bikers, a student studying on a rock, music from the Danish puppet show, the rain, and twisted gnarled trees.  

The trees of Central Park are old. I don't know if the park was built around them, but I'd like to think it was. It was so shady and peaceful. Everything was lush and green. It was quiet too. 

I really appreciated the landmarks also. In a way the park is its own museum. There's the Abraham Rosenburg Fountain:

And the Polish King statue that was originally from the World's Fair but couldn't be sent to Poland due to war: 

And various arches and paths and Victorian style lamp posts. Everything with history and its own story to tell. It was definitely a wonderful experience that I wouldn't mind revisiting. It's amazing how quiet it could be in a park surrounded by the world's biggest city. 

For anyone considering a trip to New York definitely make Central Park one of your destinations. During a busy trip of non stop walking and site seeing this simple afternoon was certainly refreshing. 

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