Saturday, May 9, 2015

Boop and the Retirement of Travel Pookie

Weird title right? And for never having blogged about either things mentioned it's confusing. So let me explain. 

A couple years ago I started knitting the absolute cutest dolls from a pattern by "Fuzzy Mitten" called Pookies. 

I ended up carrying one with me on random vacations. Thus Travel Pookie was born. 

See here he is at the pier on Coronado Island, California.

In fact Travel Pookie has been to various places in California such as Coalinga, Fresno, Huntington Beach, Santa Clarita, Escondido and San Diego. 

Travel Pookie became quite popular on Instagram even...well popular for me that is. No, Travel Pookie never broke the Internet. 

Now that you know what Travel Pookie is, you may find yourself wondering "What the heck is a Boop?"  

Well, Boop is a much smaller and just as cute Travel Pookie replacement that fits much better in a small purse and yes that is necessary. I just don't carry large purses in general. 

Sorry giant handbag fad, I just don't dig you. 

So here's a picture of Boop and yes I know the picture could be better. 

Boop is actually a lovely shade of purple, has green eyes, light brown hair, and a giant melon head. 

So Boop will be the new travel companion of Stitchy Impressions. Regular photo updates will be posted on Instagram @stitchyimpressions and recaps posted here. 

I'm also planning on retro posts about places I've been, what I've seen, where I've eaten, what was really fun, etc. 

I'm not the world traveller most are but in the past few years I've done pretty well and if there's one thing I always appreciated doing, it was looking up what types of places I should visit while I'm on trips. 

Until next time..,

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