Sunday, November 18, 2012

This Week at Stitchy Impressions

Well it most certainly has been a while...sorry folks!

This week has been very exciting for Stitchy.  For starters, a big thank you needs to go out to Turner Classic Movies and Fathom Events for showing "To Kill a Mockingbird" one night only.  I never thought I'd get to see it on the big screen and that was totally worth going to.  And I have the stubs for the scrapbook.

Also this week Stitchy tried her hand at canning.  This was a second attempt and it went off without a hitch.  It was traditional cranberry sauce and the cutest little Ball Mason Jars.  And who could resist such a simple recipe.

We'll be testing out the actual cranberry sauce with tonight's dinner which will be Cornish game hens and mashed potatoes.

Stitchy also finds herself very sad that Hostess is now gone.  Mr. Stitchy had an unopened package of Crumb Donettes in the car that then ended up sitting on top of the dryer in the garage and it has been too tempting to go grab it since there will no longer be any available. 

Coming up for this week and next will be some new items.  With the popularity of the amigurumi hearts, amigurumi stars, and knitted acorns Stitchy couldnt help but come up with more. 

Until next week...