Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Friday

Greetings from Sunny Bakersfield!  Stitchy would love to share with you all a great thing she recently discovered!  In downtown Bakersfield, on the first Friday of every month, local artists and musicians set up booths to display and sell their creations.

Finally, Stitchy managed to get it together to go to First Friday and it was a blast!

First off, you'll notice this adorable picture here.  Stitchy is the one on the left in the black sweater.  The other young lady in the photo is Maria from TaMuidBeo.  We shared a booth.  As you can see from the photo there is TaMuidBeo's beautiful earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  For Stitchy you'll notice Little Spool Girls, Heirloom Pincushions, various scarves, the three potholders currently listed in Stitchy's Etsy shop, Grand Washcloths, and in the bottom left hand corner the brand new Sunshine Coasters, which will be listed on Etsy this upcoming week.

There were many excellent artists and musicians there.  Stitchy's friend, Ina, had a booth selling her painted rocks.  There was a band of drummers not to far from us, someone selling and playing digereedoos, and a little girl who played the violin.  There were also many painters and a woman selling hair clips. 

It was also probably the most packed event Stitchy had ever been to.

Stitchy will next be searching for ideas on how to best display her craft fair items.

Until next time ...