Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Old Book

Greetings from sunny Bakersfield!  You're probably wondering why there is a picture of a recipe book here so let's get straight to the point.

Stitchy's aunt had purchased this cookbook many years ago at an antique shop and it lived in her kitchen for a very long time.  She passed this a long to Stitchy to sell as a vintage item in her Etsy shop.

Stitchy however cannot keep all of these treasures to herself so starting on February 21, 2011, Stitchy will be including these recipes in her newsletters.  About 2-3 each week. 

Now for a little history on this book.  It was originally from Woolworth's. We know this because the inside cover tells you where to buy refill pages.  This book isnt a cookbook that was ever published, it was a binder of recipes that someone had collected and put together.  The recipes date from 1937 to sometime during the early 1940s.  We know that the woman who put these together was a very serious and also a very organized chef.  She did not handwrite her recipes, but typed them into the blank pages.  There are also a few newspaper clippings that are in there as well and she was always careful to put in the dates and where the recipes came from.

There are also recipes in here from the Home Services Department of the Southern Counties Gas Company in Santa Ana, California.  Some of these recipes are even titled "Cooking for Victory" and "Cooking with Gas". 

After doing a bit of research Stitchy did discover that this dear chef (who after all this did not bother to put her name in her cookbook binder) was from Santa Barbara.  Several recipes come from the News-Press Cooking With Electricity Cooking School.  The News-Press was and still is the local newspaper regularly published in Santa Barbara, California.  She even included the name of the instructor occasionally.

So Stitchy hopes that you will all enjoy these recipes.  She's been going through them and making corrections (spelling mostly) as well as trying to find substitutes for the more difficult to find ingredients.  And, don't worry, Stitchy did her research on copyrights as well.

This week's recipes are going to be:

Sand Tarts from “Cooking With Gas: Southern Counties Gas Company Home Services Department - Christmas Sweets”

Nut Bread from “Woman’s Home Companion” July 1937

Until next week...


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