Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Unmarked

So a follow up now on last week's research blog, this being all about how to identify unmarked dishes. And to make a long story short it's impossible! Technically, unless you have access to someone who knows what they are doing and fortunately the nice people at Replacements Ltd were able to help out with one more unmarked pattern. (Pictured)

This plate is made in the Ranson shape which was commonly used by Homer Laughlin, so it is safe to assume that this dish was made by them.

Pictured below are a few more plates that are unmarked and that no information has been found on.  I'm hoping that some nice person out there in Blog Land will find this post and have some idea of what these particular dishes are. 

This one pictured here with the red border is my least favorite of all of them.  Interestingly it also seems to be milk glass as opposed to fine porcelain china, but there's nothing to indicate where it is from.

Below is a really cute one I think, but again nothing to mark where it was made or by what company it came from.  For future reference, to all you companies out there who produce goods, mark your products!!

In fact, that's one thing a lot of us in the Etsy world dont necessarily do.  I can send someone a handmade pincushion with a little Stitchy Impressions tag safety pinned to it, but once that's off of there, there's no way to identify it.  Crocheted and knitted items at least have the benefit of being able to have a tag ironed or sewin inside like most garments, but I wonder how many people really think to do this.  But it definitely is important to do, that way in 50 plus years there wont' be some little person on her computer ripping her hair out trying to find info!

And last but not least down at the very bottom is the beautiful Dresden dish that I can't find a dang thing about.  If anyone knows the name of this pattern I would be so greatful to find out what it is called.  And stop racking my brains over it.

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