Sunday, January 23, 2011

Etsy Featured Seller - CaffeineQueenie

Stitchy found this awesome Etsy shop just this very morning.  How cute is this chopper?! 

CaffeineQueenie is from Ontario, Canada and sells many vintage items.

Most of these items are vintage kitchen items, which Stitchy greatly appreciates. Items include serving spoons, mixing bowls, mugs, and an awesome orange carafe. 

There are also many non kitchen items to choose from as well including hats, shoes, and beads.

All item pictures are clear and bright making it very easy to see the item and the descriptions are very thorough.

CaffeineQueenie also is very fair on shipping.  The prices listed are just a quote and there is no issue with being refunded the difference if shipping turns out to be less which is great and the prices on all these items are quite reasonable as well.

Definitely be sure to stop by and visit this totally cute and retro shop!

Until next week...


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