Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Items at Stitchy Impressions

Greetings from Sunny Bakersfield!  Stitchy would like to take the time this week to mention some new items to keep an eye out for coming to Stitchy Impressions

After taking a brief hiatus from crocheting to focus on knitting, Stitchy is back with some new crocheted items and a new line.  The newest items, seen here to the left, are actually a line of washcloths.  Why washcloths and who in their right mind would use a washcloth made from yarn? 

Good questions.

For starters there are many many uses for a washcloth from bath time to dish washing.  Secondly, they are actually very eco-friendly in that they are machine washable and reusable and made from very durable yarn.  And thirdly, if you were going to buy someone a gift and you were going to get them towels and washcloths, wouldnt hand made washcloths be nice? Stitchy thinks so too which is why the Grand Washcloths are starting to slowly make their way into Stitchy Impressions!

Also coming into the shop are some awesome hair scruchies designed and made by Stitchy's sister.  These will be sold in pairs so that pig tails will make much better sense.  They will also be known as Curly Ques.  Importantly, these are also machine washable and there are two sizes as well as many different colors so be sure to keep an eye out for more. 

There are also a whole passle of keychains making their way into Stitchy's shop as well.  At this time, there are currently two up, but many more are just waiting to be added.

Also coming soon will be some very unique and very vintage silverware.  However, time has tarnished them so once they are cleaned and polished they will make their appearance. 

On an interesting side note - if something is only mildly tarnished rubbing white toothpaste on the item works wonders.  You can also make a paste out of baking soda and water that should work well also.  These are some very useful and money saving home remedies for your tarnished silver, however, if it's a large peice or very very tarnished then the store bought cleaners will likely be best.

And here is a peak at this past week's Treasury and Collection:

Until next week...


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