Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Been About a Month Now on Artfire

So here are Stitchy's thoughts and opinions on the Artfire set up.  Stitchy's going to view this whole thing as a product review so those of you who have Etsy shops but are not on Artfire yet may benefit from a bit of insight from a new user.

Lets start off with the Pros before we get to the Cons:

1.  Artfire has almost as much traffic as Etsy has so it is growing considerably.
2.  Paid membership accounts have the option of setting  their shop colors as well as getting up to 99 shop categories to organize their products.
3.  Everything is added to Google Base within minutes of posting. I'm sure all of us on Etsy are familiar with the whole "Syndication" situation and how long that takes.
4.  Even free members can have as many items as they want in their shops.
5.  You have the option of your Collections being reviewed to be featured for the front page and emails. 
6.  You have the ability to embed widgets of your collections.  Going to try one for this week's :-) The Etsy Treasury widget is made by a third party.

Now for the Cons:

1.  Basic members show up last in searches as opposed to the paid members who will show up first.  This con was blown out of the water yesterday however when I was making this week's Collection and found one of my own items among the Pro Seller's items.  Thank you Artfire!
2.  The main con is just the frustration of not having access to everything without the Pro Membership.
3.  The membership itself is also a con.  It's quite the Catch-22 in that they want you to pay a monthly fee which will help you make sales, however, how can you pay a fee without funds from sales??

So I hope you've enjoyed this review of Artfire and for those of you out there considering another venue to sell, Artfire overall is a great choice.


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