Friday, November 5, 2010

Etsy Featured Artist - Petal Mix

Greetings everyone!  This week Stitchy is featuring Etsy seller - Petal Mix.  Stitchy has always been a fan of this artist and is definitely pleased to get to share this unique art with all you.

Petal Mix specializes in hair accessories made in the Japanes art ofTsunami Kanzashi.  Petal Mix uses high quality silks imported from Japan as well as other high quality fabrics in her work.

Here's a little history on this style of art. Kanzashi first appeared during the Jamon period in Japan's history and is used in traditional Japanese hairstyles.  Over the years traditional hairstyles of Japan have changed considerably and Kanzashi are now primarily used for hairstyles in Shinto weddings and by Geishas. 

Petal Mix has a wide variety of brooches, headbands and hair clips.  All of her items are custom made and each a very high quality of hand crafting. 

If you get a chance, stop by Petal Mix and have a look at her gorgeous garden of flowers.

Here's this past week's Pottery themed Treasury:

Thanks for stopping by!  Next week's Treasury will be an interesting collection based around Board Games!!


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