Friday, November 12, 2010

A Contest at Stitchy Impressions

This week's post is a very short discussion on the importance of branding.  As some of you may have noticed, Stitchy Impressions uses the colors brown, lime green, and white to represent her brand.

Branding is very important for customers to remember who you are.  For example, if someone orders a package from a company who's company colors are brown, lime green, and white but the packaging that the item comes in is hot pink, what exactly would the customer recall about the company?

Included in this would also be any line that a company comes up with.  It should be tied in to the company branding some how.

In light of this Stitchy has a special announcement.  Very soon she will be releasing a new line of hand spun yarns.  However, Stitchy has run into a tiny problem - What on earth shall the line be called?  That's where the contest comes in, Stitchy needs some help naming her new line of yarns.

Contest Rules:

1.  You can submit as many entries as you like for the name of Stitchy's yarn line.  Submissions will need to be posted in the comments section for this blog post.  Stitchy would also appreciate it if you signed up for her newsletter over on the right.

2.  The name for the line of yarn would preferrably incorporate some form of Stitchy Impressions.

3.  If the same name is submitted more then once, the person who submitted it first would be credited with that name.  This is important especially if the name is the one selected as the winner.

4.  Submissions will be accepted until November 26, 2010.  After that Stitchy will need some time to decide which name works best.  The winner will be announced at the begining of December.

The winner will receive 50% off any one item of their choice from Stitchy Impressions!!  As an added bonus, if the winner has an Etsy shop, Stitchy will also do a Featured Seller review of the shop in this blog and market it in her Newsletter.

And here's this past week's Board Game Treasury!



  1. We did get our first contest entry, but do to technical difficulties, it came through on Facebook instead of being posted on the blog. It still counts.

    So the name suggested by Elysia is "Spin a Stitch Yarn"


  2. Our second contest entry also came through Facebook.

    The names being submitted by Carlos is "Naked Sheep" and "Home-Spun Impressions"

  3. A third entry just came in through email.

    Robin suggests:

    Twisted Spinzta Yarns
    Roving Spinzta Yarns
    Impressive Spinster Yarn
    Stichin Spinzter Yarn
    Spinzter Yarns
    Dizzy Old Maid Yarns
    Impressionist Spinzta Fibers
    StitchSpinzta Yarns
    Ramblystichin' Yarns
    Rumplestitchin' Yarns