Friday, November 19, 2010

Another New Venue

Greetings from Sunny Bakersfield!!  Stitchy has some sad news to report this week. On Tuesday Winkelf went down and what was thought at first to be a temporary system hiccup turned out to be much more.  Apparently, the web hosting company on who's servers Winkelf was residing, unexpected shut down without notifying any of their customers.  Because of this, Samantha, the totally nice owner of Winkelf was unable to back up any of the Winkelf files.  Winkelf is completely gone now.  Totally obliterated.  So in light of this, Stitchy bit the bullet and is now a member of ArtFire.  However, Stitchy is glad that she had not yet ordered new business cards.

Same rules apply, the items seen on Winkelf will slowly start trickling into Artfire.  Stitchy's not to keen on Artfire yet, while it does have a lot of the same features on Etsy, unless she pays for a monthly membership Stitchy wont have access to all of the features.  Stitchy would rather have the Etsy set up where you pay a small fee per listing but have access to everything. 

On the plus side, Artfire is one of the larger handmade selling venues so Stitchy hopes it all works out in the end.  That and sometimes they will have membership sales so at some point Stitchy may consider doing the paid membership if the price was right.

You can now find Stitchy Impressions at

Our contest for naming Stitchy's new line of yarn is still ongoing.  Here are the rules again if anyone needs a refresher:

1. You can submit as many entries as you like for the name of Stitchy's yarn line. Submissions will need to be posted in the comments section for this blog post. Stitchy would also appreciate it if you signed up for her newsletter over on the right.

2. The name for the line of yarn would preferrably incorporate some form of Stitchy Impressions.

3. If the same name is submitted more then once, the person who submitted it first would be credited with that name. This is important especially if the name is the one selected as the winner.

4. Submissions will be accepted until November 26, 2010. After that Stitchy will need some time to decide which name works best. The winner will be announced at the begining of December.

The winner will receive 50% off any one item of their choice from Stitchy Impressions!! As an added bonus, if the winner has an Etsy shop, Stitchy will also do a Featured Seller review of the shop in this blog and market it in her Newsletter.
And now for this past week's Doll themed Treasury


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