Friday, October 29, 2010

Stitchy Impressions' Work Space

Hello World!  This week's blog post is a little rundown of where it all happens.  Where all of the creativity comes in and awesome things are made.  This is the room where Stitchy does all of her crafting.  That's right!  The nerve center of Stitchy Impressions!

It's also Stitchy's office for her other business, but it's much more fun to talk about the creative business. 

This totally awesome room is where Stitchy has everything she needs for her work day and if it had a mini fridge, she would never have to leave it.  The large armoir on the left was originally for a television but is now full, completely full, of everything imaginable including: scrapbooking supplies, fabric, patterns, oh and yes, every single item so far listed on Etsy and the items soon to be listed on Etsy.

Stitchy is also very proud of the two bookcases in her office which she cleared completely of books and uses for the vast collection of yarn!.

Stitchy would also like to take the time to give honorable mention to Mr. Stitchy who came up with the layout of Stitchy Impressions' Head Quarters, known around here as The Office.

One important thing to keep in mind about your crafting space, and what Stitchy has completely take to heart is that it is a place you should not only have organized, but have arranged so that you want to spend time there.  That is true of how Stitchy organized her Office.  For example:  the bright orange blob on Stitchy's desk is actually a hat, but most importantly it is a hat being worn by Stitchy's very first teddy bear, Honey Bear.  Not pictured is a wooden board on the wall that Stitchy's dad carved her name into a long long time ago as well.  On the back desk there's a small rag doll in a pink dress that Stitchy's grandma, Esther, gave her a long time ago and just many other memories that make the Office a pleasant place to be. 

And believe it or not, despite the messy look of the place, the office is actually organized completely!

Here's now a shot of this past week's Treasury with the theme of Buttons!

Next week please stay tuned for another great Featured Artist of Etsy!


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