Friday, October 1, 2010

A New Venue

Hello All!  This week Stitchy has a new and very exciting announcement to make.

As some of you out there, especially in the Etsy world, may already know 1000 Markets has been sold to Bonanza and is no longer in existence. 

Stitchy has always appreciated having two seperate venues for selling and still will continue to do so.  After spending some time updating listings from 1000 Markets that transferred over to the Bonanza site, Stitchy was a little unhappy with the format.  It is also her opinion that if you are going to sell handmade and vintage items then you should stay on a venue that allows for that.  It's hard to compete in an Ebay style layout against name and designer brands so after doing much research Stitchy Impressions is proud to announce that we can now also be found at WinkElf.

What is WinkElf?  WinkElf is a venue much like Etsy that focuses on the buying and selling of handmade goods, vintage finds, and much needed supplies.

What will Stitchy have at WinkElf?  Stitchy will have most of her handmade items available also at the WinkElf shop.  If she can make an item once, Stitchy can make the exact same thing again in case the once-in-a-blue-moon chance of two people buying the exact same item actually occurs. 

What will Stitchy not have at WinkElf? Vintage items.  We simply can't replicate those.

While Stitchy's main focus will remain Etsy, WinkElf does offer some fantastic options that simply are not offered on Etsy:

1.  Scheduling:  It is actually possible on WinkElf to create a posting and then set a specific time for it to go live.  This can be especially handy if you know you will be unavailable one day, but still want to list an item.

2.  Multiple payment options:  PayPal, Google Checkout, and money orders are always popular methods, but they've got payment gateways Stitchy ain't even heard of!

3.  Batch photo uploading:  Trust us, it's even easier then the setup Etsy has and that's saying a lot.

4.  Auto-renewal on expired listings:  Listings on WinkElf expire every 30 days, however, they will automatically relist for you up to 12 times which is very convenient.

5.  Pre-populated listings:  Selling similar items? Have it automatically populate your listings for you.

6.  Listing emails:  When a seller lists an item they receive an email which includes practically enough information to make it worthwhile to print up and post somewhere around town as an advertisement flier.

7.  The ability to blog:  Much like the feature 1000 Markets had, WinkElf allows you to have your own blog attached to your WinkElf shop.

8.  The WinkElf email:  For a small fee, you can actually have your message sent to That's right.  If you like to have your shop emails all in one spot you can with WinkElf.

Currently their widget feature is being revamped so it may be a while before the WinkElf Widget (much like the Etsy Mini) shows up.  Interestingly, views have been slightly higher for individual items then on Etsy lately, however, September has always been a big month for Etsy and everyone is vying for attention.

So now, it will be possible to visit to see our totally fantastic items there as well.

So this has been Stitchy great new announcement!  Here's also a link to this week's Icecream themed Treasury - it's just too yummy not to have it here:

Stitchy will also leave you with a completely unrelated picture taken earlier this week by Mr. Stitchy of Simon The God of Hair-dos (yes that's his full name, but around here we call him Simon) and Miss Bell:


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