Friday, October 8, 2010

The Lost Spool Girls of Coalinga

Greetings all!  Stitchy realizes that you are all expecting an interview this week, but due to preparations for the 2010 Coalingafest in Coalinga California, Stitchy didnt have a chance to get it together for an interview this week.  Next week will be a recap of Coalinga fest as well, but the week after that we promise to find a great seller to feature!

Now for the story of the Lost Spool Girls of Coalinga.  Stitchy's sure that you've all read her original blogpost on how the Spool Girls came about, but if you happened to miss that particular posting then a quick rundown is in order:   Stitchy's mom used to make them and in 2004, before Stitchy even became Stitchy, the Spool Girls (under the name Spoodles) were made for the Coalinga Farmers Market that happened every Tuesday evening during the summer months.

Now you're all up to speed on the origin of the Spool Girls. 

Our story of the Lost Spool Girls begins in 2004 during this time of the Farmer's Market.  Stitchy and her mom and her sister had worked tirelessly all summer long on the Spool Girls and on jewelry items but at last summer ended and there were a few left over Spool Girls.  By a few we mean about 40 some odd Little Spool Girls. 

A local shop owner had offered to sell them on consignment for us and we happily lent them to her for her shop.  Interestingly, what was ridiculously popular at the Farmer's Market was not so popular in a store and Amy's Place (which is a really nice little shop to stop by if you are ever in Coalinga) asked us to come and get them.

So there Stitchy and her family were, with 40 Spool Girls, and not much else to do with them.  At this point in time Etsy had not even been born yet and in early 2005 Stitchy became engaged and that summer was spent planning a wedding and not at the Farmer's Market.

And there it was.  The decision was made to take the 40 Little Spool Girls to the Thrift Store.  What happened to them from there, we will never know.  Stitchy moved to Bakersfield after the wedding and Stitchy's mom, who is still a happy resident of Coalinga and who occasionally frequents the Thrift Store, never once saw the Spool Girls there.  Not once.

What happened to them?  Were they tossed?  Did a nice employee of the Thrift Store keep them?  Were they put out for sale and all snatched up so quickly that Stitchy's mom never saw them there?  The world may never know which is why those 40 have become the Lost Spool Girls of Coalinga.

Tomorro Stitchy will be in Coalinga for the 2010 Coalingafest as stated earlier.  Stitchy's booth will be on the street right between the Chamber offices and the Optometrist's office.  Please stop by and next week Stitchy will have pictures and full details of how the day went!

Also be sure to stop by and see this past week's Hot Chocolate themed Treasury!

And last week we shared a picture with you of Stitchy's beloved pets for no particular reason.  So this week's no particular reason photo is one that Stitchy took on August 27, 2010 while visiting her dear friends in Victorville California.  For those of you who have not been to Victorville before it is in the desert.  This is a photo that Stitchy took from the window of the Marriot Hotel that she stayed in:


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