Saturday, October 23, 2010

Etsy Featured Artist - N'Ice Hair Pieces and Accessories

This week Stitchy's Featured Artist article will be a little different.  Instead of an interview, Stitchy would like to just give a little rundown on one of her favorite Etsy shops.

This week's featured artist is N'Ice Hair Pieces and Accessories.  Lately Stitchy has been a very big fan of hair accessories.  Not so much head bands or classic scrunchies but little hair floral hair clips and jeweled bobby pins, so Stitchy was very excited to find N'Ice.

The biggest thing that Stitchy appreciates about this particular shop is that N'Ice offers a very fair price on the items she sells.  Many other shops out there who sell similar items have much higher prices, however, don't most people appreciate a bargain?  Stitchy sure does which makes N'Ice stand out from the rest!

Another big thing about N'Ice is that they also offer their great items as supplies.   Meaning that if you dont necessarily want to buy a clip or a headband, you can buy what you need to make your own, including some lovely Felf Flower Buds.  Stitchy hopes someday soon to buy a set.

Please be sure to stop by this fantastic Etsy shop and view some great items!

Stitchy would also like to take the time to apologize for not having this blog post up yesterday as usual.  She would like to also take the time to blame a nation wide phone and internet service provider for this incident and also to take the time to thank Brighthouse for setting up internet again much faster then the afore mentioned provider would have.  Stitchy refuses to wait 5 business days for her internet to be up and running!

Also please be sure to stop by this past week's Treasury called Fall Leaves:


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