Friday, October 15, 2010

The 2010 Coalinga Fest!

Hello world!  Stitchy just got back from the 2010 Coalinga Fest in Coalinga California.  Because Stitchy was all wound up over it, she did not think to get a picture of her booth, so you get to view a random shot of Simon the God of Hairdos.

And now down to business.  The Coalinga Fest was a great success.  Stitchy Impressions shared a booth with Maria of Ta Muid Beo ( and between the two the booth looked great!  Stitchy was also joined by her Mom, sister, and dear Auntie and Maria brought her uncle.  Our booth was located directly in front of the Chamber of Commerce office in Coalinga and the only downside was that we were blocked on one side by an Afflack booth, however, the Afflack people were friendly.  On an interesting note, the booth was in sight of the house Maria's grandmother used to live in.

Stitchy was also happy to see family friend Gloria and her son Dominick running a shaved ice and churro booth. 

There were many great craft vendors, good food, and great bands. 

Stitchy was a little dissappointed that there was no time to take in the sights and sounds of Coalinga.  Overall, the city of Coalinga has no tourism to speak of, however, Stitchy grew up there and can always find something to see or do.  She would have greatly appreciated going on a little drive, visiting the High School, seeing if the old Baker House was still nice, and getting a tri-tip sandwich from the Campus Drive-In, but alas time did not allow for it.

Stitchy was however very glad to run into a few people she hadn't seen in a long time which made the day extra special.

And now here's a great look at this past week's Treasury:

It can also be viewed here in full:

Stitchy will be back next week with a brand new interview!

Stay tuned!


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