Friday, October 29, 2010

Stitchy Impressions' Work Space

Hello World!  This week's blog post is a little rundown of where it all happens.  Where all of the creativity comes in and awesome things are made.  This is the room where Stitchy does all of her crafting.  That's right!  The nerve center of Stitchy Impressions!

It's also Stitchy's office for her other business, but it's much more fun to talk about the creative business. 

This totally awesome room is where Stitchy has everything she needs for her work day and if it had a mini fridge, she would never have to leave it.  The large armoir on the left was originally for a television but is now full, completely full, of everything imaginable including: scrapbooking supplies, fabric, patterns, oh and yes, every single item so far listed on Etsy and the items soon to be listed on Etsy.

Stitchy is also very proud of the two bookcases in her office which she cleared completely of books and uses for the vast collection of yarn!.

Stitchy would also like to take the time to give honorable mention to Mr. Stitchy who came up with the layout of Stitchy Impressions' Head Quarters, known around here as The Office.

One important thing to keep in mind about your crafting space, and what Stitchy has completely take to heart is that it is a place you should not only have organized, but have arranged so that you want to spend time there.  That is true of how Stitchy organized her Office.  For example:  the bright orange blob on Stitchy's desk is actually a hat, but most importantly it is a hat being worn by Stitchy's very first teddy bear, Honey Bear.  Not pictured is a wooden board on the wall that Stitchy's dad carved her name into a long long time ago as well.  On the back desk there's a small rag doll in a pink dress that Stitchy's grandma, Esther, gave her a long time ago and just many other memories that make the Office a pleasant place to be. 

And believe it or not, despite the messy look of the place, the office is actually organized completely!

Here's now a shot of this past week's Treasury with the theme of Buttons!

Next week please stay tuned for another great Featured Artist of Etsy!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Etsy Featured Artist - N'Ice Hair Pieces and Accessories

This week Stitchy's Featured Artist article will be a little different.  Instead of an interview, Stitchy would like to just give a little rundown on one of her favorite Etsy shops.

This week's featured artist is N'Ice Hair Pieces and Accessories.  Lately Stitchy has been a very big fan of hair accessories.  Not so much head bands or classic scrunchies but little hair floral hair clips and jeweled bobby pins, so Stitchy was very excited to find N'Ice.

The biggest thing that Stitchy appreciates about this particular shop is that N'Ice offers a very fair price on the items she sells.  Many other shops out there who sell similar items have much higher prices, however, don't most people appreciate a bargain?  Stitchy sure does which makes N'Ice stand out from the rest!

Another big thing about N'Ice is that they also offer their great items as supplies.   Meaning that if you dont necessarily want to buy a clip or a headband, you can buy what you need to make your own, including some lovely Felf Flower Buds.  Stitchy hopes someday soon to buy a set.

Please be sure to stop by this fantastic Etsy shop and view some great items!

Stitchy would also like to take the time to apologize for not having this blog post up yesterday as usual.  She would like to also take the time to blame a nation wide phone and internet service provider for this incident and also to take the time to thank Brighthouse for setting up internet again much faster then the afore mentioned provider would have.  Stitchy refuses to wait 5 business days for her internet to be up and running!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

The 2010 Coalinga Fest!

Hello world!  Stitchy just got back from the 2010 Coalinga Fest in Coalinga California.  Because Stitchy was all wound up over it, she did not think to get a picture of her booth, so you get to view a random shot of Simon the God of Hairdos.

And now down to business.  The Coalinga Fest was a great success.  Stitchy Impressions shared a booth with Maria of Ta Muid Beo ( and between the two the booth looked great!  Stitchy was also joined by her Mom, sister, and dear Auntie and Maria brought her uncle.  Our booth was located directly in front of the Chamber of Commerce office in Coalinga and the only downside was that we were blocked on one side by an Afflack booth, however, the Afflack people were friendly.  On an interesting note, the booth was in sight of the house Maria's grandmother used to live in.

Stitchy was also happy to see family friend Gloria and her son Dominick running a shaved ice and churro booth. 

There were many great craft vendors, good food, and great bands. 

Stitchy was a little dissappointed that there was no time to take in the sights and sounds of Coalinga.  Overall, the city of Coalinga has no tourism to speak of, however, Stitchy grew up there and can always find something to see or do.  She would have greatly appreciated going on a little drive, visiting the High School, seeing if the old Baker House was still nice, and getting a tri-tip sandwich from the Campus Drive-In, but alas time did not allow for it.

Stitchy was however very glad to run into a few people she hadn't seen in a long time which made the day extra special.

And now here's a great look at this past week's Treasury:

It can also be viewed here in full:

Stitchy will be back next week with a brand new interview!

Stay tuned!


Friday, October 8, 2010

The Lost Spool Girls of Coalinga

Greetings all!  Stitchy realizes that you are all expecting an interview this week, but due to preparations for the 2010 Coalingafest in Coalinga California, Stitchy didnt have a chance to get it together for an interview this week.  Next week will be a recap of Coalinga fest as well, but the week after that we promise to find a great seller to feature!

Now for the story of the Lost Spool Girls of Coalinga.  Stitchy's sure that you've all read her original blogpost on how the Spool Girls came about, but if you happened to miss that particular posting then a quick rundown is in order:   Stitchy's mom used to make them and in 2004, before Stitchy even became Stitchy, the Spool Girls (under the name Spoodles) were made for the Coalinga Farmers Market that happened every Tuesday evening during the summer months.

Now you're all up to speed on the origin of the Spool Girls. 

Our story of the Lost Spool Girls begins in 2004 during this time of the Farmer's Market.  Stitchy and her mom and her sister had worked tirelessly all summer long on the Spool Girls and on jewelry items but at last summer ended and there were a few left over Spool Girls.  By a few we mean about 40 some odd Little Spool Girls. 

A local shop owner had offered to sell them on consignment for us and we happily lent them to her for her shop.  Interestingly, what was ridiculously popular at the Farmer's Market was not so popular in a store and Amy's Place (which is a really nice little shop to stop by if you are ever in Coalinga) asked us to come and get them.

So there Stitchy and her family were, with 40 Spool Girls, and not much else to do with them.  At this point in time Etsy had not even been born yet and in early 2005 Stitchy became engaged and that summer was spent planning a wedding and not at the Farmer's Market.

And there it was.  The decision was made to take the 40 Little Spool Girls to the Thrift Store.  What happened to them from there, we will never know.  Stitchy moved to Bakersfield after the wedding and Stitchy's mom, who is still a happy resident of Coalinga and who occasionally frequents the Thrift Store, never once saw the Spool Girls there.  Not once.

What happened to them?  Were they tossed?  Did a nice employee of the Thrift Store keep them?  Were they put out for sale and all snatched up so quickly that Stitchy's mom never saw them there?  The world may never know which is why those 40 have become the Lost Spool Girls of Coalinga.

Tomorro Stitchy will be in Coalinga for the 2010 Coalingafest as stated earlier.  Stitchy's booth will be on the street right between the Chamber offices and the Optometrist's office.  Please stop by and next week Stitchy will have pictures and full details of how the day went!

Also be sure to stop by and see this past week's Hot Chocolate themed Treasury!

And last week we shared a picture with you of Stitchy's beloved pets for no particular reason.  So this week's no particular reason photo is one that Stitchy took on August 27, 2010 while visiting her dear friends in Victorville California.  For those of you who have not been to Victorville before it is in the desert.  This is a photo that Stitchy took from the window of the Marriot Hotel that she stayed in:


Friday, October 1, 2010

A New Venue

Hello All!  This week Stitchy has a new and very exciting announcement to make.

As some of you out there, especially in the Etsy world, may already know 1000 Markets has been sold to Bonanza and is no longer in existence. 

Stitchy has always appreciated having two seperate venues for selling and still will continue to do so.  After spending some time updating listings from 1000 Markets that transferred over to the Bonanza site, Stitchy was a little unhappy with the format.  It is also her opinion that if you are going to sell handmade and vintage items then you should stay on a venue that allows for that.  It's hard to compete in an Ebay style layout against name and designer brands so after doing much research Stitchy Impressions is proud to announce that we can now also be found at WinkElf.

What is WinkElf?  WinkElf is a venue much like Etsy that focuses on the buying and selling of handmade goods, vintage finds, and much needed supplies.

What will Stitchy have at WinkElf?  Stitchy will have most of her handmade items available also at the WinkElf shop.  If she can make an item once, Stitchy can make the exact same thing again in case the once-in-a-blue-moon chance of two people buying the exact same item actually occurs. 

What will Stitchy not have at WinkElf? Vintage items.  We simply can't replicate those.

While Stitchy's main focus will remain Etsy, WinkElf does offer some fantastic options that simply are not offered on Etsy:

1.  Scheduling:  It is actually possible on WinkElf to create a posting and then set a specific time for it to go live.  This can be especially handy if you know you will be unavailable one day, but still want to list an item.

2.  Multiple payment options:  PayPal, Google Checkout, and money orders are always popular methods, but they've got payment gateways Stitchy ain't even heard of!

3.  Batch photo uploading:  Trust us, it's even easier then the setup Etsy has and that's saying a lot.

4.  Auto-renewal on expired listings:  Listings on WinkElf expire every 30 days, however, they will automatically relist for you up to 12 times which is very convenient.

5.  Pre-populated listings:  Selling similar items? Have it automatically populate your listings for you.

6.  Listing emails:  When a seller lists an item they receive an email which includes practically enough information to make it worthwhile to print up and post somewhere around town as an advertisement flier.

7.  The ability to blog:  Much like the feature 1000 Markets had, WinkElf allows you to have your own blog attached to your WinkElf shop.

8.  The WinkElf email:  For a small fee, you can actually have your message sent to That's right.  If you like to have your shop emails all in one spot you can with WinkElf.

Currently their widget feature is being revamped so it may be a while before the WinkElf Widget (much like the Etsy Mini) shows up.  Interestingly, views have been slightly higher for individual items then on Etsy lately, however, September has always been a big month for Etsy and everyone is vying for attention.

So now, it will be possible to visit to see our totally fantastic items there as well.

So this has been Stitchy great new announcement!  Here's also a link to this week's Icecream themed Treasury - it's just too yummy not to have it here:

Stitchy will also leave you with a completely unrelated picture taken earlier this week by Mr. Stitchy of Simon The God of Hair-dos (yes that's his full name, but around here we call him Simon) and Miss Bell: