Friday, September 3, 2010

Stitchy Impressions' New Line

It's finally here!!  The new line from Stitchy Impressions!

And it is called:  xoxo, Stitchy.

And now for the explanation as to what this line is for, and the only times the xoxo, Stitchy tag (pictured) will ever be seen.

This is Stitchy's gift line.  That's right.  None of the xoxo, Stitchy items will ever be sold.  These are items that Stitchy will make for people as gifts as well as items Stitchy chooses to keep for herself.

In a 100 years from now when your grandchildren are out shopping and stumble across an xoxo, Stitchy item at an antique store or thrift shop they will know that it was an item that was never commercially sold but something sweet that Stitchy made for someone she loves.  Pictured here is the very first item of the xoxo, Stitchy line.

This was an adorable felted hand bag that Stitchy made for her dear aunt, Robin.  It was made from a lovely maroon shade of Cascade 220 and includes 14 crochet flowers and thick lining made from upholstery fabric.  Robin loved it!

This is also a finished item bragging moment as a lot of effort went in to this item and it came out perfectly! 

On a side note, a similar item will soon appear in Stitchy Impressions on Etsy.  One of which is currently in the works as we speak from a beautiful neutral shade called Almond in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes.

So there you have it - Stitchy's new line available for only a select few of Stitchy's closest friends and loved ones.  Keep in mind though that a lot of love and care go in to every item that Stitchy makes, these however are just extra special for the reason that they won't be sold online or on consignment anywhere.

Stay tuned for next weeks exciting post which will be another interview of a fantastic Etsy store!  Also coming up will be a new Treasury for the week as well.  This will be able to be viewed by signing up for Stitchy's mailing list on the right!


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