Friday, September 17, 2010

Finished Projects

This week Stitchy is very proud to show off some great projects that she's recently finished.  Some of these projects will be appearing at Stitchy Impressions' Etsy shop and others are for Stitchy's own personal use.

First up is this adorable hat that Stitchy plans on using for everyday come winter time.  Excuse the badness of the photo please, have you ever tried taking a picture of yourself?

Kinda cute huh? Trust Stitchy when she says it looks better in real life.  The pattern was called Hannelore by Amy Duncan and can be purchased through  Ms. Duncan can also be found on  The pattern was easy to follow and included both a graph and written instructions which was really nice and very much appreciated.

The next item(s) that Stitchy has recently completed were a few pincushions that she made up on a whim for the upcoming Coalingafest Car Show.  What pincushions have to do with cars, we'll never know, but they should look pretty cute in a basket at Stitchy's booth.  Here is the very first one:

And it's two sided, but not all the pincushions are.  Currently there are 5 but only 2 are appearing so far in Stitchy Impressions' Etsy shop.

The next thing Stitchy has created and is uber excited to present to the world made it's debut at Stitchy Impressions on Thursday the 16th and it is this totally awesome felted hand bag:

See how lovely it is!  The flowers are also pins so you can mix and match, etc.  While the purse is for sale and has the flowers included, there are no current plans to include the flowers for sale seperately at anytime.  They'll likely be free gifts with your purchase or accessories for things like these. 

Thanks for stopping by this week for another great read and for ooing and awing over Stitchy's recent projects!


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