Friday, September 24, 2010

Featured Shop - Pattycake's Plunder

Greetings all!  Stitchy apologizes first off for the late, late posting of this blog.  Usually is us up on Friday mornings at 7am sharp but Stitchy had a busy week.

This week's blogpost is a special one.  So far our regular featured Etsy sellers have been some great handmade shops as well as a fantast bead supply store, but this is our first ever feature of a vintage seller.

Today's information is posted in a non interview form but just as informative.  Please be sure to take the time especially to go over a very enlightening section regarding vintage items for sale in general as well as some helpful tips from an experienced Etsy seller.

And now a word from Pattycake's Plunder:

I use to own an antique mall and an antique shop in Albany Oregon. I quickly learned about the antique and collectible business. I spent many hours studying and doing research on my items in my shops. Once I bought my first couple pieces of vintage jewelry I was hooked. The bling blinded my brain and I could see nothing in my future but sparkle.

I traded all my collectibles reference books on antiques for vintage jewelry reference books. I opened an online shop at while I operated my shops and soon found I was making more money there. I later closed my shops due to lack of foot traffic in our small local town. Though I was doing very well on Rubylane I left their online shop because it was costing me too much in fees. I then continuted to do shows and I opened shops at , and at that time Etsy was just starting out.

I opened my shop in July 2008 but I did not list my first item until Sept 2008. My first sale on Etsy was rather quick. I was very impressed with Etsy. I opened my shop just in time for the Christmas rush.

I did so well that I opened a second shop called The Pickers so I would have a place to sell my low end jewelry. I continue to keep my high end jewelry at Pattycakes Pluder and my low end vintage jewelry at Pickers shop.

Then one day I came across a huge estate where I purchased 50 lbs of vintage earrings. Thats when I opened June Cleavers Jewelry Box and I sell only vintage earrings there. As to date I have sold over $5,000.00 worth of just earrings at just $10.00 a pair.

Last March I opened my fourth Etsy shop called Hollywood Rings and I sell vintage rings. It has been very sucessfull to date.

I truly believe that doing my research and studing vintage and antique jewelry have been the best thing I have ever done and I still continue to do my research today. One can never learn enough about vintage jewelry. Having knowledge about your merchandise is key to getting your items sold and having your customers trust what you say in your descriptions. Excellent photos is also must in selling on Etsy.

I try to list new items daily to keep my customers interested in coming back. I also do relisting thru out the day to bring them to my shops as well. I do not advertise on facebook, twitter or any other revenues. I focus on my Etsy shops daily and by doing so it creates sales for me.

One of the things that really upsets me now is seeing so many other Etsy sellers now selling vintage jewelry online that have not a clue as to what they are selling. They just know by seeing other vintage jewelry shops doing so well that they want to get on the band wagon so they jump in with both feet and start selling vintage jewelry. I see many jewelery items being sold on Etsy that is in fact not vintage at all. I see items being sold as vintage Native American jewelry that are new pieces from Tibet or China. I see jewelry items in poor condition being sold with high dollar prices because the sellers simply did not do their homework. Its really saddens me to see this happening on Etsy. I would love to see Etsy hire staff members that specialize in vintage and vintage jewelry to help keep this from happening to the site.

My best advice to anyone wanting to sell vintage or vintage jewelry on Etsy is to please take the time to do your research on your items. Give clear accurate descriptions and take great photos. Most of all be professional in your packaging. Buyers really appreciate the time you time make sure their items get to them quickly and are packaged correctly. I wish I had started selling vintage jewelry online long before I opened my antique shops years ago. Its a great place to sell, the staff is helpful and professional. Please take the time to click on my shops links and have a look around. I provide FREE Worldwide shipping on all jewelry items.,, and

This has been another great inteview of an Etsy seller and I must say we are very honored to be able interview such an experienced seller.  Thank you Pattycake's Plunder for taking the time to provide us with some awesome information!

Coming up on October 9th, 2010 Stitchy Impressions is still expecting to be at the 2010 Coalingafest in Coalinga California!  Hope to see you all there!

Also be sure to keep an eye out for yet another new line of pincushions!


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