Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Mr. Lucky Did

There's no good reason that the picture that is the picture for this post is here. It's primarily because I wouldnt know even how to go about finding a royalty free photo of Cary Grant. Now you're probably wondering why. So here's the story...

Lately, my husband and I have taken to recording a lot of old Cary Grant movies and watching them when we have a chance. The other night we watched one called "Mr. Lucky" from 1943. It was about a gambler (played by Cary Grant) who was trying to avoid the draft. In his attempt to leave the country to avoid fighting in the war he assumed another identity so that he could raise money to get a boat and leave the country. He decides to swindle a charity.

He first approaches them to see if he could run some gambling tables at a ball they were having and he was told no. To win them over however he signs up to do work with them. The woman in charge of the charity was on to him though and in an attempt to embarrass him she had him KNIT for the war effort!!

That's right! Cary Grant, a non Namby-Pamby tough guy, knitted in a movie!! He actually knitted too! It wasn't faked, he did it!!

I was stunned! And that wasnt the only scene he knitted in either. Knitting came up several times in the course of the movie, including his driver showing the other gangsters how to knit also.

So here's a big ol' thumbs up to a great actor!! Oh, and it was a great movie to by the way, check it out if you're in the mood for an interesting story and a good laugh.

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