Monday, July 12, 2010

The Original Little Spool Girl

Meet Emma.  This is the original Little Spool Girl.  So here's a great history on how Stitchy Impression's Little Spool Girls came to be. 

A very long time ago, my mother started making some odds and ends crafts to sell in a consignment store.  My dad made a few items also and the things they made were: small wooden footstools, fabric teddy bears and various other things.  My mom then got the idea to make wooden spool dolls for sale.  Her very first one was Emma (pictured).  Emma was officially born on April 14, 1993 and my mom let me have her.  Unlike today's Little Spool Girls Emma's head is considerably smaller, she sits on a small wooden square instead of a heart, she does not have wooden balls for her hands and feet, and her face is different then the Little Spool Girls currently have.

The dolls were a big hit locally.  In fact, Mom even made some for her friends and everyone enjoyed them very much.  Unfortunately, the consignment store didn't last very long and for several years there were no spool dolls made.

Then, in the summer of 2004 my family decided it would be fun to take a road trip to Canada.  As a way to make some extra cash for the trip my mom, my sister, and I started making various things to sell at the local farmer's market which was only a block away from our house.  My sister made jewelry and me and mom started making the spool dolls again.  At the time we condensed "spool dolls" to "spoodles" and they were a hit again.  We actually had more custom requests then we did for the ones that we had made. 

That summer I also worked in a dry cleaners and my boss was also kind enough to allow me to sell the dolls there as well.

By 2005, however, we'd already gone to Canada and I got engaged so that summer was spent on wedding preparations and not on Little Spool Girls.

In 2010, my friend Maria and I were planning on having a booth at the Scottish Games here in Bakersfield.  (As a side note Maria is Scottish and lived there for several years).  I started working away on making Scottish themed spool dolls.  Unfortunately, our plans fell through and I now have about 20 Little Spool Girls with Scottish names and wearing plaid dresses. 

The Little Spool Girls have again now reappeared in my shop - Stitchy Impressions.  Each one is a one of a kind original and are made with very special care.  In light of this I also now include a certificate of authenticity for each one also.  So here's hoping they find their popularity again.

Check out the current ones in my Etsy and 1000 Markets Shops.

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