Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Recent Etsy Purchase - A Vintage Item

I just purchased these orange shoes from Skin & Wood Vintage( and I must say I was truly impressed with the entire experience.

I placed my order on Friday morning, Pacific Standard Time, and by that evening already had confirmation from PayPal that the package had shipped.  It showed up in my mail on Tuesday!  How ridiculously fast was that shipping!  Granted Skin & Wood is not that far from me, however, I was greatly impressed with the speed in which she sent the item out.

It was also wrapped up perfectly.  Each shoe was wrapped in tissue paper and then together they were wrapped in brown paper and tied with a light blue ribbon.  A red tag was also there with a friendly thank you note for my purchase.

While I know deep down that I'm the one who made the purchase it did feel a lot like I was opening a present which was awesome!!

They fit perfectly and they match an orange dress I just bought recently at Banana Republic which makes them even better. 

I would definitely recommend Skin & Wood Vintage and will definitely order from them again!



  1. hi.. just found your etsy shop & thought I'd check out your blog. Very nice!