Friday, July 30, 2010

Featured Artist - Peridot Snow Designs

Good day to all of you out there in Craftland!  Stitchy of Stitchy Impressions has discovered a lovely Etsy shop that all of you should see! The shop is called Peridot Snow Designs and is run by a wonderful artist named Kara.  Kara's specializes in beautiful and earthy jewelry and is definitely worth taking a look at.

Below is our interview with Kara:

Stitchy:  Some basic information, how long have you been at your craft and what originally brought you to Etsy?
Kara:  My name is Kara and I'm 22 years old and my birthday is August 26th. I started showing some interest in Jewelry making back before I was 16, and I remember getting a beading magazine for my 16th birthday (which I still have) and I have been creating pieces of jewelry since then. At that time I knew nothing so I have become to know the jewelry terms and techniques much more but still need much more practice! I stumbled upon etsy one day and checked it out and thought hmm I'd love to have a shop there someday and months later  was formed!

Stitchy:  Where do you find your inspiration for your creations?
Kara:  I am inspired many times by art, nature, fashion, and interior design. I get color ideas from all these places and blogs always seem to inspire me late at night.

Stitchy:  Who has been your biggest supporter and is there anything you'd like to be able to say to this person?
Kara:  My biggest supporters have always been my mom and sister, they are always encouraging me. I love them dearly for understanding my passion and love for creating.

Stitchy:  As an artist, what are your favorite types of materials to use and where are your favorite places to go to get these items?
Kara:  Glass Beads are my favorite, all shapes and sizes! I shop online a lot, but I also enjoy going to A.C. Moore (craft supply shop)

Stitchy:  How was your experience with your very first sale on Etsy?
Kara:  My very first sale was a dear friend, and I was so thankful for the sale but when I got my first sale from a stranger it was so exciting!

Stitchy:  Do you also participate in local venues like craft fairs, and if you do what are some suggestions that help make that a success?
Kara:  I have not participated in any local fairs/shows but hope to in the future.

Stitchy:  What is the one thing that you don't have, but would love to have that would greatly assist you in your creations?
Kara:  bead stoppers, as crazy is it sounds I don't have any yet and that will be a great help to those beads that easily slide off and fly everywhere! I'm sure their are many other things I'd like that would greatly help, like new tools!

Stitchy:  What is your most favorite item in your shop and what makes it so special to you?
Kara:  when making this with help from a friend we raved about how we wanted to keep it for ourselves! Fall is my favorite season and I think this would go lovely with a fall outfit.

Stitchy:  What do you feel are your best marketing tools?
Kara:  I have a blog--  but the blog hasn't been as successful as my facebook fanpage  but the most successful for me has been word of mouth...I have great friends that share their pieces with family members which then get me other sales!

Stitchy:  What suggestions would you offer to brand new Etsy sellers?
Kara:  Stay positive, have good prices, and keep at it. Everything takes time, and building a great online shop will take sometime. I'm pretty new myself and I'm still constantly working on bettering things.

Kara is a wonderful seller and it was such a great interview!  Be sure to stop by and check out some awesome jewelry items!



  1. Lovely interview! I had to heart her shop.

  2. I am going to heart her shop. Cant wait for your next post...