Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do You Suffer from Second Sock Syndrome?

First of all, to find out if you suffer from Second Sock Syndrome you must first know what it is and what the symptoms of it are.

Definition of Second Sock Syndrome - The inability to complete creating (whether sewing, knitting, or crocheting) a full pair of socks, gloves, etc.

1.  A sense of pride at completing the first sock or glove followed by a strong desire to begin a new project and not complete the second sock or glove.
2.  Feelings of boredom when beginning the second item.
3.  Conveniently running out of supplies for the second sock but not ever restocking the items you need to finish.

We all suffer from Second Sock Syndrome.  Just admit it.  You can do it.  Admitting there's a problem is the first step to solving it and moving on with your life. 

Now that you've admitted it, you now get to hear of a terrible experience that can result from leaving Second Sock Syndrom untreated.

About 4 years ago now, I had dug out all of my crocheting supplies after a hiatus from crafting.  I had a beautiful varigated yarn from Red Heart called Blueberry Pie and a very pretty solid shade of blue also from Red Heart called Windsor blue and I thought: "These would make some pretty slippers!" So I scoured the internet for a pattern.

I ended up finding a very cute pattern for ballet slippers that had some very nice ridges on the sole of the slipper and work began. 

I completed the first one (pictured above).  I was so proud.  I should it to the hubby who thought it was cute.  I took a picture of it on my phone and sent it to my mom.  It was great!

Then I got distracted by a pattern for a purse and took a 'break' from the slippers.

A year later we moved to a new apartment and I found that first slipper and I thought it was time to finish the pair.  But to my dismay I discovered the pattern was lost.  I found the pattern for the purse that distracted me, but the slipper pattern was lost.

I searched the internet again but never could find that pattern, the whole while the evil purse pattern taunted me.

I tried to make the second slipper without the pattern which would have worked out had I remembered what the size was for the crochet hook. 

So now here I am with one warm slipper and one cold foot.

Don't end up like me! 

Tips to combat Second Sock Syndrome:
1.  Ignore the feelings of pride after that first sock and immediately start the second one.
2.  Find some two-at-a-time sock patterns.
3.  If you have to gloat about that first sock, then set aside some specific time to work on that second one until it is finished.
4.  If you absolutely must start something else - put the pattern in a spot where you will be able to find it again and make sure you at least do that right away.
5.  Start using that first one becuase you'll look dumb in one slipper and will be forced to make that second one to avoid ridicule and public shame.

And if anyone out there knows the location of that slipper pattern I started with, make me happy and tell me where it is so I know longer have just the one slipper.  I still have the yarn and cant even bring myself to use it because it's there to finish the slipper!  (seriously, like I can't just buy more)


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  2. I love your blog :) It is very cute and I love how creative you are with your post.